We believe in excellence as the distinctive value of our solutions. We want to create relationships of trust based on the reliability of our products and our services, both with our customers and with our partners. All the brands of the group share the same values: quality, transparency, efficiency, ethics and the enhancement of human skills.

Our Brand

Today MED is oriented towards excellence and makes safety at sea its promise. We design, develop and manufacture inflatable boats that represent the "state-of-the-art" of marine technology and pneumatic boats. Our brands cover the professional and pleasure craft markets. We are leaders in the reference sectors, with two production plants and a team of professionals among the best on the market.


Med group is committed every day to enhance the knowledge gained by a young and prepared team to create relationships of trust with customers through transparency in communication, reliability and the passion with which we create all our products. Day by day we try to combine technological research, innovative drive and continuous improvement of the services we offer to all our customers, all without upsetting the traditions of Made in Italy.

What We Do

We offer a wide range of services to satisfy even the most demanding customers.

Top Management

A great team spirit to concretely achieve the company's mission and to bring its values into daily commitment.

Our Clients

Your opinion matters to us greatly. We appreciate the feedback and your trust in our creative projects!

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