Last December 4 and 5 was held in Kastellet, Copenhagen, the Naval Architecture Symposium Industry with main topic of discussion about the Future Warship Survivability Industry and Recovery for Warship Design in the presence of the highest NATO positions. Med with its Med Defense division, dedicated to government & military, was the only company present in the military Rhib sector to be accredited by participating actively in the debate of the members of the SDCG – Ship Design Capability Group. Med Defense, concentrated in the deepening of the R&D Nato plans, lays the foundations for an ever closer synergy between its technological investment projects and the production of boats in line with the high standards required and with the optic of improving interoperability in the military sector worldwide.

Med Defense goes beyond national boundaries to offer its ethical commitment to the world, attention to detail, reliability in the choice of components, technological research and the study and design of solutions that meet the guidelines of the Nato, maximum institution in the defense sector.

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